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Re-secure your property after a break-in with ASL’s burglary repairs

2015-04-30 06:40:24

Secure your
ASL Locks

Your doors are the most vulnerable part of your property. Make sure they’re properly protected with ASL Locks

Fitting a door lock

Same-day door replacement

We can completely replace the damaged door within the same day, even replicating the original design if need be. We offer a wide range of brand new security doors, including the highly robust steel Titan model. We’ll even dispose of your old doors and frames as part of our comprehensive service.

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Protect your property from future burglaries

Not only do we offer lock and door repair services, arriving at your door within 15 minutes of your call, but we also offer a complete range of locks and accessories to safeguard your property from future break-ins. This including deadbolt locks, hookbolt locks, high security nightlatch locks, door viewers, hinge bolts and hinges.


It's all about strength

If your door has been forced open due to a burglary or for any reason we can supply and install the door below on our same day emergency service just call us on 020 3070 3998

These are the most popular doors we supply and fit. They are British Standard half hour fire check - thickness 44mm.

ASL doors are supplied with all the necessary security features. Panelled doors look attractive but are weaker and less secure. Therefore we do not fit them, but instead supply doors with beading to simulate the panelled appearance.



How secure is your door?

All of our security doors are fitted as standard with three locks.

  • One is a high security rim lock near the centre of the door.
  • Above and below this we fit two high security mortice deadlocks with lockguards.

registered security key and the door is hung on three stainless steel butt-hinges. A pair of hingebolts a doorviewer and letterbox can be requested. If required

London and Birmingham Bars strengthen the wooden door frame to resist "kick in" type attack and forced entry.

If your door frame has been damaged, this can also be replaced


Disposal of your old door and frame is part of the standard service.

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Which door would you prefer to have to keep a burglar out?

For ultimate security get a Titan steel door.
Click here for more information

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If you’ve been burgled, you need instant reassurance that your property is safe and that it’s protected from future incidents.

ALS Locks can provide this. Call us immediately on 020 3070 3998 or fill out our callback enquiry form

ALS Locks can provide this. Call us immediately on 020 3070 3998 or