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Keep control over access to your premises with unique registered security keys

2015-05-01 00:00:24

We install throughout all of London

Security keys installed to prevent unauthorized access to your home of business

 Keys and lock barrel

It’s easy to get keys cut

In fact, most key cutters won’t even ask for identification before duplicating your keys. This puts your home or business at serious risk; anyone with access to your keys could reproduce themselves a set without your knowledge, giving them complete, unauthorised access to your building. Security keys from ASL Locks eliminate this problem, providing a unique key system impossible to copy without your approval.

Keep absolute control over the access to your building

With thorough records of your key system and thorough checks before any duplicate keys are cut, our registered security keys are an efficient way to safeguard your premises. We can even register your signature, which can be used to authorize duplicate keys in the future. What’s more, the registered key locks that we provide are highly secure, resistant to both lock picks and drills.

Need a duplicate of your existing security key? Order it online safely and securely here.

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