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Same-day Emergency Door Repair London & Emergency Door Replacement from our expert locksmiths

A damaged or broken door poses a significant security risk to your belongings and property. If you have suffered a burglary or vandalism at your home or business, you can count on the team from ASL Locks for a prompt response and professional Door Repair London services. Our master locksmiths operate across London. We specialize in burglary repairs, steel security doors, door replacement, registered keys and general locksmith services. Contact ASL Locks make sure your home or business stays completely secure.

Regain your sense of security after a burglary

If you need a burglary repair today in the Greater London area, we are able to provide one of our master carpenters to carry out a same day emergency door replacement, frame replacement or any emergency Door Repair London required. We can be with you in 15 minutes.

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Any burglary damage is normally covered by your building insurance.

Door Repair London

Above, on the left, is the original door after a burglary. Note how the wooden door has been smashed around the lock.

On the right is the replacement hardwood door which ASL installed, showing how we built a door which closely resembled the original door, but was far stronger, laminated with a solid core hardwood centre that adds to the overall mass of the door, and also offering fire resistance to 30 minutes. Panelled doors look attractive but are weaker and less secure, therefore we do not fit them, but instead supply doors with beading to simulate the panelled appearance.

Door Repair London

We can match the look of your original door by installing beading to give the impression of panels, while retaining the strength of an integral solid-core hardwood door (with a steel plate if desired; see below for our premium range), rather than the structural compromise of building a weaker door with thinner inset panels. We can customise the design and include customised door furniture, plus we offer the security of three locks.


All our security doors are fitted as standard with three locks. One is a high security rim lock near the centre of the door. Above and below this we fit two high security mortice deadlocks with lockguards. The door uses a registered security key and the door is hung on three stainless steel butt-hinges. A pair of hingebolts, a doorviewer and a letterbox can be requested.

We install London and Birmingham bars as standard, to strengthen the wooden door frame to resist “kick in” type attacks and forced entry. If your door frame has been damaged, this can also be replaced. Disposal of your old door and frame is part of the standard service.

Door Repair London


Re-securing your property after a break-in is a high priority, not just to keep the rest of your home or business safe, but also for your peace of mind. ASL Locks provide a same-day door replacement service that’s quick, simple and, most of all, reliable. Our strong and robust doors will protect the contents of your property, allowing you to sleep easy.

Emergency door replacement services:

Finding the right door for your home or office.

At ASL Locks, we can supply a variety of premium doors to strengthen the security of your home:

  • Solid hardwood doors
    • Adheres to the British Standard half-hour fire check
    • The most popular product in our collection
    • Able to replicate original design, even adding a paneled effect
  • Solid hardwood doors
    • Contains 3 locks for extra support against break-ins
    • Secure against forced entry and adheres to the British Standard half-hour fire check
  • Titan doors
    • The strongest product we offer; Titan doors are manufactured from steel and contain 22 solid steel bolts that engage into the solid steel frame
    • Over 100 models to choose from, available in any size or colour
    • Adheres to all safety & fire regulations and will not warp or rot

Is your door old, broken or damaged? Call ASL Locks for a highly efficient same-day door replacement service.
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